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“Mommywise was a dream come true! Literally, I am able to sleep long enough to dream, again (from 7 to 7, if I wanted).  At two months, we had taken our little man on a month long journey to meet his family across seas, only to return to NY with a mess of a sleeper. He panicked when we put him down to bed and was up every hour demanding our attention. At 14 weeks, Tiffany came in and helped us learn our son's sleep language, so we knew how and when to intervene and when to leave him to figure it out on his own. He was sleeping through the night within two days and had long, consolidated naps by the end of the week. 
It's been 2 months since Tiffany worked with us and he still sleeps like a rockstar. Through the time change, lots of travel and visitors, our son has stayed consistent and sleeps through the night. What used to be his arch-nemesis is now one of his favorite things. He. Loves. Sleep. 
THANK YOU TIFFANY for your patient, wisdom and on-going support. We couldn't have done it so quickly or gracefully without you.”
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Gillian Hatley

“If Tiffany can teach our son to sleep, she can help anyone!!! Our son had significant health issues since birth, which greatly impacted the habits we developed around his sleep. At 11 months old he was waking up every 1.5hrs-2hrs all night long and barely took 2 unpredictable 30min naps a day. We would spend hours a day rocking and consoling our son to have him wake up anywhere from 5-30 min later. We were hopeful Tiffany could help him make some progress, but never expected the results to be this successful. We are still amazed that he is still doing so well. He sleeps 12hrs a night and takes 2, 1.5hr naps a day. Our son’s new found sleep has been life changing for all if us!!!!

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Tiffany! I was very nervous what the process would look like, but she was there to support us and customized her plan for our son. She educated us about sleep and is a wealth of knowledge. We thoroughly enjoyed spending 3 days with Tiffany and highly recommend her!!”

Kathleen De Sear Clarke

My youngest of 4 is now 5 months old, goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 and sleeps through the night without a fuss. Today, he took two long two hour naps, which allowed me a few minutes to myself, to give one-on-one time with my older kids, and get some things done around the house. His third nap was a little shorter, but predictable and he napped while I was out running errands. He has kept this schedule since Tiffany came to visit us. We’ve gone out of town a few times and even camping and he goes down just the same and sleeps through the night no matter where he is, as long as we keep his routine.

Mommy and Daddy have even gone out on a few date nights, and his sitters have been able to put him down without a hitch!

He is thriving and happy, and mommy and daddy are also happy (and rested)!

Amanda Hartman

“Tiffany did an amazing job sleep training our 3 month old in just 3 nights! Before sleep training our son only slept if he was being held so my husband and I took 2 hour shifts throughout the night. Now our son sleeps 12 hours and naps easily in his crib! He has learned how to self sooth and is so much happier now that he is sleeping properly! Mommy and Daddy are happier now that we are getting sleep too! Best part is a month later there is no 4 month sleep regression and he can self sooth now that he is teething!”

Danielle K
Tiffany helped sleep train our 4.5 month old daughter. Tiffany came and stayed with us for three days. Before Tiffany our daughter was waking up at least 15 times a night and getting 2 feedings, and we were holding her for all her naps. Now she takes her naps in her crib and is sleeping through the night. Tiffany individualizes the plan according your baby’s unique needs. It’s amazing to feel rested again and not spending my days holding my daughter for her to sleep. Our family has even commented on how much happier our daughter is since we sleep trained her! We definitely recommend Tiffany to those you need the support to get your little one and yourself some sleep.”

Gurneet R.
“We hired Tiffany to sleep train our 6 month old daughter who had started to co-sleep with us because she just wouldn't sleep through the night. We were very hesitant at the beginning but was one of the best decisions we made, and wished we had sleep trained our older daughter. After the training, my daughter started to sleep by herself in her room without any wakings through the night. It was rough at the beginning but Tiffany was very patient with us through the entire process. I would highly recommend Tiffany.”

Erin K.
“I didn't believe in sleep training until I met Tiffany, but with our twins it was a must. I'm SO GLAD we did it, and sad that I hadn't met Tiffany when we had our older daughter who didn't sleep through the night until she was 2 1/2 years old. Our lives would have been much easier had we sleep trained her. I didn't have much time off work, and with two babies waking at different times we weren't getting much sleep. Tiffany spent a few days doing sleep training and both of our babies slept through the night after that. I can't say enough great things!”

Chelsea F.
SLEEEEEEP. The thing we all needed and I never thought we would ever get! I can't thank Tiffany enough for your invaluable support and encouragement during our night weaning transition. With her guidance we were able to successfully night wean with NO TEARS (from any of us). My 20 month old daughter is sleeping through the night and napping like a champ. We are all much happier for it too! Thank you again, Tiffany!”

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"We used Family Bliss with our first child and I honestly don't know how I could have gotten through with out them. They were so professional, caring and really listened to our needs and struggles. During labor the support was fantastic and they were very hands on, they even made sure that by birth plan was followed as much as possible. For postpartum they were amazing! I was able to sleep while they watched my baby and even helped out with some household chores that were building up. I don't know how I would have made it with out their support!" Anne Striker, Ashburn, VA

"Husbands, if you are questioning whether you should hire Family Bliss, HIRE THEM. Especially if this is your first child, you have no idea what you're in for, and these people have the knowledge and experience to get your family back on track (and get you and the wife some much-needed rest) during those first critical weeks.
They have all been consummate professionals and I would be happy to hire them again.
Bonus: they're incredibly nice and supportive -- a huge benefit even when family is around to help you, because the doulas are your advocate only." Michael Tourville, Warrenton, VA

"Tiffany is incredible! She spent an evening with us when our son was about 2 weeks old and we were struggling with an evening fussy period and just generally didn't know what to do. Our son was actually calm when she arrived, so she spent a few hours answering all of the random questions we could think of and constantly reassured us that we were doing a good job and that he was going to be okay. She spent the night at our house to let us get some sleep, and would wake me to feed him when needed. She made us feel more capable and confident, and let us get a few hours of sleep in those early days where a knowledgeable and non-judgmental support person is a necessity." Kim Pritchard