Before contacting us, check out our frequently asked questions! This will help answer your initial questions so that when you reach out, we can focus on getting YOU the sleep you have been missing!

Why would I pay so much for this?

The truth is that yes, parents sleep train their own babies, people manage their own weddings without a wedding planner or event coordinator, people figure out college plans without college counselors, but what makes life MUCH easier is specialized support. We’ve been there, we’ve done this hundreds of times and we know babies and sleep. We bring our skills, expertise to your home and create a plan, implement it and help you finally get the sleep you so desperately need.

Will my health insurance company cover your fees?

Insurance does not cover our fees, however, some HSA and FSA policies will cover our services. Reach out to your insurance company to find out more!

What sleep training method do you use?

We are Certified Mommywise Sleep Coaches and Trainers and our method is unique in that we never leave your side during the process and the plan is unique for your baby and your family's needs.

Is this the Cry it Out Method?

No one wants their baby to cry! Some tears are unavoidable in our plan, and it allows for minimal tears while your baby's needs are met and we are changing your baby's sleep habits. What we do here at Family Bliss is about reading your baby, tweaking and tweaking the plan to give your baby space to learn to sleep successfully!

What is the best age to sleep train my baby?

The best age to sleep train your baby depends on if you are ready, your baby is ready and your baby meets some specific qualifications. The typical age range is 4-8 months, but absolutely doable beyond 8 months. We commonly work with babies from 4 months to 3 years of age.

How do I know if my baby is ready to sleep train?

This question is easier to answer on the phone with me. My goal will be to hear what things are like now and ask you some questions to determine if your baby is ready. 

How do I know if my baby can be sleep trained?

Again, this is determined over our call, if I offer to work with you, it is because I only work with clients who I can guarantee 100% that your baby is ready to be sleep trained and that it will be successful. We look at several things such as development and current patters to help determine if your baby can be trained. 

How long will it take to sleep train my baby?

Working with me to sleep train your baby guarantees that your baby will be sleeping through the night and have good nap schedules with in 2-3 days. Sleep trained means your baby can GO to sleep on their own and fall back asleep by themselves!  

What if it doesn't work?  

We will continue to work with you until your goals are met. Success is the investment that you put into the plan that we develop. I promise that you will feel so supported, reassured and confident after our in person support and the four weeks of unlimited support from us. You will have the tools to navigate life changes that come your way to keep sleep a part of your lives forever.

Do you work with families outside of Maryland and Virginia?

Yes, absolutely! Our service area is Winchester, Virginia to the Eastern Panhandle of WV to Leesburg to DC to Central Maryland, to Richmond, Virginia, Pennsylvania, , Milwaukee, Wi, New York and, Massachusetts, Connecticut. Ask us about additional states!

Do you offer phone sleep training consultations?

No, what sets FamilyBliss apart is our in person, consistent support through the entire process and the bumps that you may encounter after the package. My 100% success rate comes from my ability to meet your baby, interact with your baby and create a plan that works for you and your baby, this is only possible if I am with you during the process. Emotional support through this process is invaluable.

I'm ready to work with you, what is next?

If you are ready to work with me, fill out our sleep assessment form and I will get right back to you with the next steps so that we can quickly set up your sleep coaching support if I KNOW I can help you!

What comes after I contact you?

After you say hello we will respond after reading over your notes about your needs and offer to schedule a phone consultation to walk you through your needs, what you are looking for, our services, packages and what comes next! You will know exactly what to expect every step of the way.

If you are ready for a solution that will stick with you forever, you have found it.

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