Sleep is achievable for the whole family!

To the parent sleeping with their baby on their chest all night, we see you. To the parent doing a shushing, song, pat for an hour dance, repeat when they wake up, we see you. To the parents JUST barely getting by with enough sleep not to loose it, we see you. If you are struggling to balance life, sleep, work, and looking for things to change, we have solutions for you!

We can help you achieve your goals! Forget the books and asking everyone you know how to get your infant to sleep, because your baby is unique so you need a unique solution. Or maybe you have tried the books or do not want to deal with trying the books or opinions, look no further than our Family Bliss Sleep Training Program with our Certified Sleep Trainers. When you work with us, we do not just leave you with a plan, we stay with you through the entire processes, and our focus is to get your baby sleeping, you confident in their ability to learn to sleep, and life changing results for your entire family.

We work with families that we know we can successfully teach their babies to sleep. If this sounds exactly like what you are looking for, let's connect. Contact us to set up an intake call, learn about our packages. This call is a chance for you to share, in depth, what is currently happening and what you would look like your baby's sleep during days and nights to look like, hear what it would look like. We cannot wait to hear from you! Have some questions before you reach out? See our FAQ page.

Ready to get the sleep you are wishing for?

“I can't recommend Family Bliss enough. We were having sleep issues with our 1 year old. He refused to sleep in his crib and it felt like no matter what method we tried (cry it out, ferber, etc) he would always end up in our bed. Everyone was tired and miserable.

In comes Tiffany of Family Bliss. She was thorough, prompt, and best of all - reassuring. As a first time mom I felt like I was blind in a dark cave when it came to the right thing to do, but Tiffany explained it all and made sure we were comfortable with each step.

From the fact that she actually stays with you (It really was necessary and a relief) to the follow up care after...Family Bliss is worth every penny!

Highly suggest for any parents at the end of their rope with infant sleep training.” See our Testimonials

What do our sleep training packages include?

The most important part of all of our sleep training packages is that you do not have to go it alone. Sleep training is hard, we understand that and our promise is that you never have to be alone through the process.

  • A detailed assessment call and consultation to create a plan for your baby that meets your goals and their development

  • In person support with our Sleep Coach for your 2 or 3 day sleep training program

  • A customized plan of support to get your baby sleeping independently, through the night.

  • A sleep trained baby. Sleep trained is defined as falling asleep independently on their own and able to put themselves back to sleep independently.

  • A plan that includes a night feed if needed, or no night feeds

  • Four weeks of unlimited email support to ensure you are confident in your baby’s ability to sleep

  • Three follow up calls with your sleep coach

  • Guidance every step of the way to help you feel ensured that you are doing the right things and that your baby will learn to sleep successfully for a lifetime.

Unlike what you may have found in your research of other sleep training methods, theories or solutions,  our method includes emotional and logistical support and guidance on decision making. The hardest part about sleep training is knowing what to do and when, we take the mental load of figuring it all out away! We know that your baby is unique, books are not, but our method and systems are as unique as they are! We follow three simple steps that include our 5 key pillars of sleep training.

In-home Sleep Training Package Options

Blissful Nights Sleep Training Package

  • Most comprehensive plan

  • Ideal for first time parents, younger babies and multiples

  • 3 days of in-home support

  • 4 weeks of unlimited remote support

  • 3 Follow up phone calls

Dreamy Nights Sleep Training Package

  • Ideal for older babies and parents who are more confident about sleep, babies who are partially sleep trained

  • 2 days of in-home support

  • 4 weeks of unlimited remote support

  • 3 Follow up phone calls

What is our method for sleep training?

1.Detailed Sleep Assessment & Learning More About You

Before we come to your home, you will fill out our detailed questionnaire so that we are clear about your needs, where your baby is at, current systems, and where you would like to be at the end of our program. This allows us to get right to work during your in-home sleep training program. Next, your sleep coach will arrive at your home and begin to get to know you and your baby, your home, and what is holding you all back.

2. In-home Supported Sleep Training & Customized Plan

Depending on the in-home sleep training program that you choose, your sleep coach from Family Bliss will stay with you in your home for up to three days consecutively! This highly focused time with your Sleep Coach will give her time to understand your baby's habits and needs, taking into account your baby's age, development stage, personality, needs and more. She will develop a unique action plan and modify it over the next 2-3 days that she is with you to sleep train your baby, support your family and give you tools to navigate what comes your way. Those middle of the night wake ups or adjustments that need made? Yes, your sleep coach will help you with all of that so that you do not have to make those decision. She will be there with you every step of the way, ensuring that your baby is cared for, sleep trained and that you feel confident maintaining the changes before, during and after your time together!

3. Implementation & Continued Support

When our sleep training program is done, you will still have 4 weeks of unlimited email support from your sleep coach! This is included so that you have direct access to someone who knows you and your baby and because it takes time and consistency to change routines, navigate travel, teething or sickness, recover from sleep depravation, and make the new habits stick! Your baby will be sleep trained at the end of our program, but the ongoing support ensures that the changes stick and your baby is a great sleeper forever. 

Schedule your free sleep assessment to learn more about sleep training with us.

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