The Best Age to Sleep Train Your Baby

When is the best time to sleep train my baby?

What a fabulous question!

We hear this a lot from the families that we work with and it is a great question. When, in fact, is the best time to sleep train your baby? There are two kinds of answers to this question.

The easy answer to when is the best time to sleep train your baby

Whenever YOU are ready! It is often that our babies are ready to get more sleep, to get better sleep long before we as parents feel as if they are ready! Sometimes there is resistance to sleep training, because you know it is time, but you are just not ready, that is okay. When you are ready, you know your baby will also be ready!

The other answer to when is the best time to sleep train!

The appropriate age that you can begin sleep training is when your baby has reached 12 weeks, or cleared by a Pediatrician if before that. There are a few specifics that also apply, your baby needs to be healthy, not teething, and not struggling with weight gain!

Our babies/toddlers are often ready to sleep train long before we as parents are ready and that is okay! You will reach the point when you are ready for better sleep go for it!

From an expert point of view, the ideal time to sleep train is 3-5 months and 8 months. While we have worked with toddlers, it is much harder, so consider sleep training earlier rather than later if you can!

How to you know when your baby is to sleep train?

When your baby is old enough to sleep more than 2-3 hour stretches and when your Pediatrician mentions that they should be sleeping longer. Newborns wake every few hours to eat, they need this, most babies get stuck in this habit of waking often and do not develop healthy sleep habits and continue to wake often even into toddlerhood.

Forming healthy sleep habits from the early weeks is essential to being able to sleep better and longer as your baby ages, but sometimes hat does not happen. You are not alone in this! Sleep is so important for you AND your baby. It is helpful in brain development, mental health, milestone achievement and more!

In the end remember, when you are ready to sleep train your baby, your baby is ready!