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Is Breastfeeding Always Easy??

“Is breastfeeding always easy?? Because it was not easy for me!” I can tell you we have heard that before! Welcome to our Family Bliss Blog where we talk about lots of things related to infant sleep, parenting, sleep training, breastfeeding, teething, sleep tips and so much more!

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The Best Age to Sleep Train Your Baby

What a fabulous question! We hear this a lot from the families that we work with and it is a great question. When, in fact, is the best time to sleep train your baby? There are two kinds of answers to this question.

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Sleep Training Isn't Just for Celebrity Moms

Last week our amazing colleague, Kimberly of Sweet Dreams LA, sleep trained Ali Fedatowsky-Manno’s son Riley and I absolutely adore Kimberly, she is a Mommywise Certified Sleep Coach just like myself. I have seen all the comments in support of Ali’s choice to sleep train and many questions about how they too could experience sleep training and the bliss that follows!

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Ready to get your baby into their crib?

This is one of the most important goals for our clients at Family Bliss. Transiting your baby into a crib is not always easy, but we are here for it and we want to share some tips with you! Whenever you decide that it is time to transition your baby or infant into a crib, you will want to do some things to prepare for that transition.

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Will Sleep Training Ruin My Breastfeeding Relationship?

They can! You will have a breastfeeding relationship established with your little one and your supply set long before you are able to sleep train your little one. Sleep training your infant can help your breastfeeding relationship by allowing you the rest that you need to continue breastfeeding during the day!

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My Baby Doesn't Sleep, is This Normal?

No sleep still? (yawn) We get it. It's been months, isn't there supposed to be a light at the end of this sleepy tunnel? Should be, sometimes babies get into bad sleep habits and they just keep on keeping on and you keep on yawning on.

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