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Dropping the Afternoon Nap: A Guide to Keeping Your Sanity

Great question! We all know that at some point our newborn, who seems to have no schedule at all will eventually begin to have a schedule around 3 months of age. For most babies ( there are exceptions) they will settle into a three nap routine during their day.

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Sleep Training Stories: Join Baby H's Journey to Sleep in Brooklyn, NY

There is always time when Tiffany firsts arrives. I say hello to mom and dad and baby H. Everyone is so excited to begin, but of course everyone is wondering what it will be like. Baby H can tell change is coming, but he is calm. I can tell he is very tired too! Completely ready to begin the new life with sleep. Baby H is almost 4 months old.

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Sleep Training Coach for Lancaster, PA Families

When your baby has arrived and you are done with your postpartum help, what comes next? Well, sleep training comes next! Some babies are great sleepers and when they hit a developmentally appropriate age to sleep 11-12 hours a night ( 4-6 months) they do, but many babies are terrible sleepers and suddenly you find your baby is 6 months old and still waking 3-5 times a night.

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Returning to Work Without Sleep

We expect mothers to do it all. That includes the mental load of running the house, working out side of the home (or staying home and managing things), AND most of the night time care for your baby.

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The Best Age to Sleep Train Your Baby

What a fabulous question! We hear this a lot from the families that we work with and it is a great question. When, in fact, is the best time to sleep train your baby? There are two kinds of answers to this question.

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Loudoun County Newborn Sleep Support

Let’s get down to why you are really here, to know that you are not alone, what you are experiencing is normal, but fixable with some of our tips! That’s right, you can make changes, if and when you are ready. Keeping things consistent for your newborn and putting them to bed earlier (they are not adults) is so helpful in establishing healthy sleep patterns from the beginning!

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