Sleep Training Stories: Join Baby L in her Journey to Sleep in Stamford, CT

Baby L learns to sleep in Stamford, Ct!

Sleep training adventures with Tiffany of Family Bliss! The greatest thing about Family Bliss is that we offer live-in sleep training wherever you need it. We get what it is like to be sleep deprived, tired, overwhelmed and trying to figure out how to get the sleep that your family needs.

How did it go sleep training baby L?

L was the sweetest 16 month old and her family was really fun to work with. She started her life sleeping okay, but as she got older she was sleeping part of the time in her parents room in a pack-n-play and the rest of the night in her parent’s bed. There was a long drawn out process for going to bed as well as a put the paci in every time she wakes up song and dance that went on all night long.

Most importantly, mom and dad needed change and baby L needed more sleep at night. Everyone was tired!

Change happens and then sleep comes

I arrived, excited to work with this Connecticut family for sleep training, I knew that this would work and by the end baby L would be sleeping through the night. I spent my first few hours with the mom and baby L getting to know them and chatting about what to expect. We talked about what the plan was going to be and what they could expect.

How did the nights go with sleep training?

Baby L struggled at bedtime, but once down she was asleep in under an hour! Each night went pretty well with a few early morning wake ups on night one and two! We worked on naps during the daytime. Getting a baby to nap can sometimes take longer to come, but night time and sleeping through the night is more important. We experimented with one nap a day and tried two naps on the last day.

Kiddos in baby L’s age range are right at the needing 1 or 2 naps line. They sometimes need two naps still, but often do not need two naps. We talked a lot about navigating baby L’s needs for naps until she was old enough to only need one nap consistently.

Was/is sleep training hard?

The Sleep training is easy, what is hard is navigating the individual needs of each baby, they all need something a little different and they are all unique people - just smaller than we are used to interacting with. What we do here at Family Bliss is combine our unique method with live-in support the entire times. It allows families to continue on with their lives and guarantees that sleep training is a success for each family we agree to work with.

In the end baby L was going down at 7pm and waking up around 6:50/7:15 each morning! Her parents are thrilled and even though dad was pretty skeptical, I left with him as a huge supporter!

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