Sleep Training Stories: Join Baby H's Journey to Sleep in Brooklyn, NY

What is it like to have an in-home sleep trainer?

Many parents find that, 3-6 months into their parenting journey they are still not sleeping and their baby is not sleeping either. Sleep depravation sucks. It makes it hard to bond with your family, it makes it hard to go out on dates, it makes it hard to work and get up each day, and so much more.

Baby H’s Sleep Sack is all ready to go!

Baby H’s Sleep Sack is all ready to go!

Having an in-home sleep trainer means that you do not have to struggle for 2-4 weeks to implement a “pick up put down sleep training plan”, constantly walk in and out and stretch things out for weeks on end with extended crying, more crying than you ever want to hear from your baby, and STILL your sleep has only improved a little.

You search for a “sleep coach” or an “in-home sleep trainer” and endless results pop up, but only a few offering exactly what you are looking for. You pick one. You chat, you connect and you decide to book! Your in-home sleep trainer is set to come in just 5 days. Soon you will be sleeping! Soon your baby will be sleeping! They will meet their milestones quickly, they will be happier babies and you will be a more confident parent!

We know that sleep training can seem overwhelming, you want to do it, but you are also worried about the unknowns. Your sleep coach, will walk you through all of that.

Tiffany completely understands this concern and has decided to occasionally share some parts of sleep training experiences so that you can have a chance to read more about the experience!

Night one sleep training baby H in Brooklyn Heights

There is always time when Tiffany firsts arrives. I say hello to mom and dad and baby H. Everyone is so excited to begin, but of course everyone is wondering what it will be like. Baby H can tell change is coming, but he is calm. I can tell he is very tired too! Completely ready to begin the new life with sleep. Baby H is almost 4 months old.

Night one is always rough because it is about big changes. Baby H was used to sleeping ALL night on his mom or dad’s chest to sleep. This included naps! Whew! Hard stuff. Hard for mom to get things done throughout the day. Hard for mom and dad to have time together to… have a relationship and have some down time at night. Hard for baby H because he is tired and while he is a happy baby, he is a happy sleep deprived baby!

Night one has some off an on crying some checks and by 8pm he is asleep! Asleep in his crib, not on mom’s chest, not on dad’s chest, in his own crib!

There was a wake up at 3am, but besides that baby H slept the entire night and woke up around 6:30am! Big change.

Baby H takes three naps on his first day!

Baby H’s mom was worried about the neighbors, the small Brooklyn apartment has wood floors and the neighbors above have three children in the same amount of space. Yes, they were loud, but I assured mom that Baby H could learn to sleep through it and he sure did!

Night two of sleep training!

Baby H was down and asleep in 15 min! Say what?! Yes, yes he was. The parents and I discuss what to expect over the coming weeks, what it looks like to travel (hit - more freedom), they also have family coming in to town in two weeks and they want to go out and about so how will that work?

We discuss all of that! Having an in home sleep coach means that we get to use our expertise of sleep training, babies, and now the knowledge we have of YOUR baby to help you uniquely navigate what will come your way. A book and a template cannot do that.

The next day baby H woke up around 7am. His first morning nap was great, his afternoon nap was off on timing a bit because we decided to go for a walk to SweetGreens for a late lunch and it took a tad longer than we expected to get there and back. No worries we get home just in time to put him down again and then we enjoy our lunch.

Night three of sleep training, the last night and always bitter sweet!

It snowed on my second to last day in Brooklyn! It was lovely!

It snowed on my second to last day in Brooklyn! It was lovely!

Baby H is a dream this time, down in minutes and throughout the entire night connecting all of his sleep cycles much better than his second night and even better than his first night. He was READY for better sleep and so were his parents.

His parents and I watch the Masked Singer, which they follow regularly and I had never heard of, it was such a lovely time with this family. Helping them learn more about their baby and allowing them to sleep like normal human adults for the first time in months and months! We shared laughs and talked about life and navigating parenting as a whole.

Our last day sleep training baby H in Brooklyn, NY!

We worked on nap timing and clearly this kid liked to go down for his first nap of the day at exactly 8:53am! While he was up from his first nap I finished packing my belongings and packing up the sheets I used on their sofa. Baby H’s mom and I scheduled out our three follow up calls and had lunch together. He went down for his second nap like a dream! His skill at falling asleep had really improved over the last three days. Baby H went down for his third and final nap of the day, I gave my hugs and said goodbye!

It is always bitter sweet leaving a family, but all worth it knowing that they can finally adjust to a new normal for their family!

It has been a few weeks and mom is more confident and baby H is sleeping like a master! We had our second call and we mostly talked about how they will navigate their upcoming travel plans. So while sleep training may seem scary or overwhelming, you do not have to do it alone. You can have someone there who will make a plan, stick to it and help you navigate it and so that when all is said and done, it was as easy as it could be!

Thank you baby H and family for allowing me to bring you all the sleep you deserved! Sometimes I work for the NYC based company, Mommywise and I want to say a big thank you MommyWise for having me work with their sleep training client!

Are you needing sleep training support?

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