Sleep Training Isn't Just for Celebrity Moms

Sleep training is for everyone who decides that they are ready to sleep train their baby!

Last week our amazing colleague, Kimberly of Sweet Dreams LA, sleep trained Ali Fedatowsky-Manno’s son Riley and I absolutely adore Kimberly, she is a Mommywise Certified Sleep Coach just like myself. I have seen all the comments in support of Ali’s choice to sleep train and many questions about how they too could experience sleep training and the bliss that follows!

Sleep training is not for everyone, but everyone who is ready for it, can experience the results.

Sleep training is hard and knowing when your baby is ready for better sleep can depend on several factors such as: you being ready for more sleep, your baby struggling, your baby being overtired, your baby struggling to hit milestones due to exhaustion and more.

What to do when you are ready to sleep train your baby

When you are ready, we promise, so is your baby, so the next step is to figure out your plan of action and how you would like to go about achieving your goals of sleep training your little one.

When it comes to sleep training, there are several options, several methods, and it can really be very overwhelming for everyone involved in the process, because don’t forget, you are tired!

You can sleep train your baby yourself, which may involve reading books, asking your friends what they did, or just winging it. Your other option is to hire a sleep coach to come into your home and walk with you through the entire process. This may seem like a dream too good to be true, I mean, it is real time help day or night during this process and it is done in 2-3 days, not weeks or months.

Whatever you decide, stick with it.

It might seem like having a sleep coach dedicate several days of their life to you and your baby to ensure that your all set on a successful path is just something celebrities can have, but it’s not. Sleep, personalized support, and guidance are attainable to you, when you are ready for it!