Sleep Coaching for Winchester Families

Help, my baby won't sleep!

Okay, we hear this a lot, it can be very difficult to be parents to an infant that JUST WON'T SLEEP. The newborn stage is kind of rough and the solution for that is to have Postpartum Doula Support ( sort of like night nannies, but so much better) throughout your first few months with your baby before we can begin to work on sleep shaping. While our official training and certification falls under " Sleep Training", we like to also call it sleep shaping and we call ourselves sleep coaches, instead of sleep trainers. Sleep Training often paints a very specific picture in parent's minds and we don't want you to get the wrong impression. Your baby does reach a time when they are ready to learn how to sleep better and you can achieve it!

Sleep Shaping, Sleep Coaching, Sleep Training

Often with our Postpartum Doula Support in the beginning weeks of parenting a newborn, we work on healthy sleep habits, such as going down in the bassinet easier, soothing, calming and other habits they will use later in their infant hood to sleep better. We guide baby from the beginning, it is a little easier for us to do because we do not have to worry about sleeping at night because we aren't getting up to go to work the next day or driving around or worrying about house chores. The idea behind overnight postpartum doula support is to allow you and your partner to rest at night, wake refreshed, and only have to worry about breastfeeding baby at night, if you are, or bottles. That's it! Sleep, wake to feed, go back to sleep immediately.

Sleep Training often paints an immediate picture of cry it out or leaving your baby alone to eventually fall asleep and ignoring their needs. What we do, is so much different than cry it out. We promise that there will be no unnecessary tears. What we do is different, our Mommywise certified sleep coaches spend time getting to know you, your house environment, your baby's personality, needs, habits and creates a plan that fits exactly what your baby needs to learn to sleep better. That's right, its a unique approach that is unique for your special baby. 

Can you imagine, your baby learning to sleep in a healthy way? Imagine, finally reconnecting with your pillow and meeting a whole new baby, because they also suffer from lack of sleep.

Each baby is different and has different needs, we take that into account when you decide to work with Family Bliss for sleep training. We won't leave you, we will be there through the 2-3 day program, we will be there for follow up. We want you to get sleep and have a happier baby who is also rested. If you want to learn more, check out our FAQ page or contact us directly to learn more.