Traveling Sleep Coach for Dallas, Texas Families

Helping babies in Dallas get sleep!


Though I reside in the beautiful Virginia, part of my heart belongs to Texas and my family that lives there in Tyler, Dallas and Sugar Land. I love working with families who are in need of sleep, because what I do goes beyond sleep. It allows your baby to reach their milestones faster and better, it allows them to be happy, and it allows you to no longer be sleep deprived! Sleep depravation hinders your work life, your home life, your relationships and your mental health.

Sleep Training your baby in a unique way

Often families reaches a point where it becomes necessary to sleep train. Your baby is 6,7, 8 or however many months old and still waking constantly throughout the night because they have not yet learned to sleep longer stretches. You are not alone in this and there are options for you!

When it comes to sleep training, you have the option to choose a method yourself or hire one of our Certified Mommywise Sleep Coaches to come and stay with you and show you the ropes through the entire process. Sleep training alone is hard, it often takes weeks and weeks alone, you will have questions at 2 am that the books and consulting calls and google cannot answer for you, but your sleep coach can and will answer those questions and complete the process in 2-3 days.

The difference in person support makes

Imagine, someone there through the whole process, guiding you to make this easier on you and the whole family! Parenting is hard. Our society is hard on mothers and fathers and to have someone by your side through it all makes it that much easier!

If you would like to know more about our in-home sleep training, see our FAQs page or schedule a complimentary sleep assessment call now.

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