Ready to get your baby into their crib?

Transitioning your baby into a crib

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This is one of the most important goals for our clients at Family Bliss. Transiting your baby into a crib is not always easy, but we are here for it and we want to share some tips with you! Whenever you decide that it is time to transition your baby or infant into a crib, you will want to do some things to prepare for that transition.

How to know it is time to transition into a crib

The AAP safe sleep guidelines outline safe sleep for your newborn to be in a separate space, flat surface, with no fluff involved. Realistically we know that sometimes that it is hard for families to get their little ones to sleep in a bassinet or somewhere other than their arms. Promise there is no judgement here, we get how hard it can be when you are sleep deprived and you just do what will get you the most sleep in that moment.

The time to transition your baby into a crib is when you decide that it is time for everyone in your family to have their own space and sleep better. There is no right or wrong answer for this one! Parenting is as unique as is your baby so here is how to determine when it is time!

  1. Are you ready to move your baby out of the Rock N Play, bassinet or your bed?
  2. Is your baby outgrowing it's current sleeping space?
  3. Are you ready for your baby to learn to sleep longer?

Did you answer yes to any of the above? Then it is a good time to transition your baby to a crib!

Transitioning your baby into their crib

Okay, but how do we go about getting your baby from their current sleeping situation to their crib? Pick a night and just do it. I know, that doesn't really tell you how to do it, but really, you just have to get it over with. No night will be better than another night. However, you can prepare yourself. Make sure you have a good dinner, some wine or a good movie, put your baby to bed in their usual fashion, and say goodnight. 

Promise, it get's better, but if you have questions or want some in person support, reach out to us