My Baby Doesn't Sleep, is This Normal?

No sleep still? (yawn) We get it

It's been months, isn't there supposed to be a light at the end of this sleepy tunnel? Should be, sometimes babies get into bad sleep habits and they just keep on keeping on and you keep on yawning on. 

Let's be honest, your baby is sleepy and so are you and yet you still have to get up and go to work every morning.

It can be hard to break bad sleep habits in the beginning or set yourself up with healthy sleep habits that will promote sleep in your newborn because you're too tired to care or focus on that. So then you find yourself mama to a 6 month old that still wakes every few hours during the night because they are stuck in that habit. Once you get the go from your pediatrician, meaning your baby is growing and thriving and doesn't need any specific things, AND you feel ready for sleep, then you can sleep train your baby.

Sleep training with us gives you life long results

Though there may be a few tears as your baby navigates learning to sleep well, there are never unnecessary tears or leaving your baby alone without meeting their needs being met. The plan created by us fits their needs, personality and your home environment. AND you get to have your life back, literally, you and your partner can have time alone and you know that everyone will wake up refreshed and allow the whole house to function well.