Is Breastfeeding Always Easy??

“Is breastfeeding always easy?? Because it was not easy for me!”


I can tell you we have heard that before! Welcome to our Family Bliss Blog where we talk about lots of things related to infant sleep, parenting, sleep training, breastfeeding, teething, sleep tips and so much more!

Take a breastfeeding class they said.

Breastfeeding is natural they said

Breastfeeding is easy, babies know what to do they said

The list of what they said… goes on.

The truth is that each breastfeeding journey is different and unique. Each baby is different than the baby before and each breastfeeding relationship will look a little different. We do not always know what to expect when it comes to breatfeeding, but when it is hard, where do new moms turn for lactation support?

Lactation Support is so important for breastfeeding moms

So you see a lactation consultant in the hospital, or maybe two, and they each said something different to you, but breastfeeding is going alright and it’s not so bad. Then you get home and things seem to go south. Who do you call? Do you really have to go out of the house with a newborn to find breastfeeding support.

No, in-home lactation support will be life changing

Did you know that you can have a CLC come to you and provide lactation support in your home for you? No driving, no leaving and most importantly is this CLC will support you in YOUR goals.

Some families have a goal of breastfeeding for 6 months, some have a goal of breastfeeding during the day, but not at night, some want to transition to pumping, some families need help navigating sore nipples, painful or incorrect latch, weight gain concerns and supply issues.

Your in home lactation visit will focus on what is going on, what your goals are and a plan to help change those!

So where to find this in home lactation support?

Our sister company, Virginia is for Doulas, offers in home lactation support to families all over the tri-state region, and if we dont serve your area, we can connect you with a CLC who CAN serve you!

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