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The Trick to Timing Bedtime Well

Question of the century! As parents to a new baby or toddler you might be desperate for sleep and wonder if keeping your kids up later would be helpful for getting them to sleep. When is the best time to begin your bedtime routine? When should your baby be going to be??

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What To Do When Your Family Does Not Support Sleep Training?

We like to dive into the tough, helpful topics here at Family Bliss. We use our experiences as parents, Newborn Care Specialists and Sleep Trainers to help families in all areas of their life as parents, not just with sleep training, though we like that to be our focus.

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Sleep Tips: How to Dream Feed a Baby

The dream feed is one of our favorite tools to utilize during sleep training with families, but even if you are not planning on sleep training anytime soon, a dream feed may be helpful for your baby. Dream feeds help break the cycle of feeding to sleep association, but also help your baby get what they may need over night.

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Dropping the Afternoon Nap: A Guide to Keeping Your Sanity

Great question! We all know that at some point our newborn, who seems to have no schedule at all will eventually begin to have a schedule around 3 months of age. For most babies ( there are exceptions) they will settle into a three nap routine during their day.

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Sleeping Through the Night, but Bounced for Naps?

When we say sleeping through the night, we mean, baby goes to bed between 6-7pm and wakes up 6-7am, they are getting 11-12 full hours of sleep with no wake ups that require attention. Okay that exists? Yes, it does. It truly does. Sometimes we

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Sleep Tips and Sleep Aids: Swaddles

We get it. They wake often. Newborn babies do that a lot because they need to stay safe and they often do not sleep long periods of time until they are older and stronger. When babies hit the 3-4 month range they can sleep longer periods of time, but until then, let us share some tips on helping your baby sleep better.

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