A Parent's Guide to Getting More Sleep with a Baby: Houston, Texas Edition

It is time for my baby to sleep…

When you hit the point where it is time for your baby to sleep better, who do you reach out to for help? Many of us know what it can be like to go through months of “ pick the baby up, pat them, shush and rock them and then GENTLY, oh ever so GENTLY put them down in their sleep space” walk away and pray…

…Pray that they stay asleep for at least two hours so you can get some sleep!

You visit your pediatrician for their 4 month well visit and they ask about sleep. You mumble something like “ oh yeah, not getting much sleep still. Is that normal?”. Your pediatrician will reply with something like oh they can absolutely be sleeping through the night by now or beginning to do that.

You are excited! You text your partner. Ya’ll can finally get some sleep soon, it’s expected… but when will it come.

To the Google you go:

“When can my baby sleep through the night”

“How to get my baby to sleep through the night”

“What is Sleep Training"?”

“How do I Sleep Train my baby?”

The list goes on!

Once you have decided that you are READY to sleep train your baby, what comes next?

You figure out how you will end up doing the sleep training! Do you want to do it all by yourself? Do you want to hire a sleep trainer? WAIT that is an option? Yes, you can hire a sleep coach to come to your home and complete the sleep training process in 2-3 days, that’s it.

You never have to worry about how to sleep train your baby

You never have to worry about what is normal for sleep training your baby

You know that your sleep coach will guide you through the entire sleep training process with your infant and then you get to sleep.

In fact, everyone will sleep!

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