Sleeping Through the Night, but Bounced for Naps?

Is your baby truly sleeping through the night?


When we say sleeping through the night, we mean, baby goes to bed between 6-7pm and wakes up 6-7am, they are getting 11-12 full hours of sleep with no wake ups that require attention. Okay that exists? Yes, it does. It truly does. Sometimes we hear families say that their babies sleep through the night, but they still require rocking or feeds at least once or twice a night, we want you to know that if that’s not working for you, it can change.

Now that we know about sleeping through the night, let’s talk about naps

Okay, so your baby is sleeping well at night, or well enough for you and you, but naps are a mess. Your baby or toddler is not currently sleeping for naps independently and you are just about over it.

Are you holding your baby for naps? Rocking them the entire time? Is your coffee getting cold or your lunch goes uneaten while you do whatever necessary to get as much sleep as possible out of your baby?

We get it. Naps are important for babies and they should be consistent, they need these naps to get them through the daytime and keep them in a “plenty of sleep” cycle. Many families find that bedtime is okay, but naps are all over the place and require hours of attention from parents or caregivers, attention you just dont have or need to be focusing elsewhere.

How can you work on naps for your baby?

Little by little! Stick to the schedule you want and be sure your baby is in a safe space. We can probably answer your question of “ they wont sleep longer than 30 min in the crib, what do we do?” before you ask it. Naps will take some adjustment, especially naps in a crib, without a swaddle (if they are older than 8 weeks), and on their own.

Pick a schedule, put the baby down in their space and it will get easier. It’s like going to the gym! The first bit sucks, you’re sore, you want to stop, but you know if you do not, things will get better and you will see results! So keep at it!

If you do not want to do all of this on your own, you want naps to be consistent AND you want night time to be consistent (read: 11-12 hours traight) every night, fill out our sleep assessment form to have one of our live-in sleep trainers come and work with your family!

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