Sleep Training Stories: Join Baby E's Journey to Sleep in Rye, NY

Baby E’s Sleep Training in Rye, NY Adventure!

Baby E was 4 months old, struggling to sleep on her own and go to sleep on her own. Nap times looked like the nanny or mom bouncing on a ball or rocking her in a dark room for her entire 1.5 hour nap. Which sounds wonderful, but we all know that this is not sustainable and must eventually come to an end.

Night time included many wake ups that happened often and as you can imagine, exhaustion set it. With an older sibling in the house there was no time to “ catch up on sleep” during the day either!

Sleep is the stuff of life!

When you have children, a house to manage, things to do during the day, no sleep, or interrupted sleep can be detrimental not only to YOU, but to your family and your relationships. It is never easy or fun to function every day on lack of sleep and we know that lack of sleep is detrimental to so many aspects of our lives.

Three days of in home sleep training with baby E

Sleep training is not easy, one of the biggest reasons families hire Family Bliss for live-in sleep training support is not because doing the sleep training is particularly hard to figure out, but because there are so many other aspects that come with it. Not having to figure it all out for this particular baby, not having to navigate it all alone, having access to someone who has worked with many many babies, having someone take away the mental load of sleep training while life carries on for you, is one of the biggest benefits of live-in sleep training support.

Tiffany stayed with baby E and her family for three days and three nights to ensure that baby E learned to go to sleep, to stay asleep and to connect her sleep cycles on her own!

Naps sometimes take time to even out, but they do come! Originally at 4 months old baby E was needing a 3 nap schedule, within 4-5 weeks after her sleep training program she was showing signs of being ready for just two naps a day.

By the time baby E’s three day live-in sleep training program was done she was sleeping like a champ. She was still struggling a bit at that 4am time due to poops, but once we navigated that she was doing fabulously! Do poops often happen and interrupt? With growing babies that need more food, sometimes it can. They may have an early am poo, but still be tired. They are just waking because they are dirty and do not want to sleep while dirty. So we navigated changing the dream feed amount and quick diaper changes and back to bed she would go. The thing about babies is that they are all unique and they do not thrive in a one-size-fits all sleep training support system.

Being that we stay with families throughout the entire sleep training process and keep in touch for the following 4 weeks after training we can truly customize our support to fit the baby’s needs.