Must You Night Wean When You Sleep Train?

Do you have to night wean when you sleep train?

The simple answer is no, not if you do not want to. However, a few factors come in to play here. How old is your baby? Is their weight gain on track?

If you are wanting to sleep train you can have a dream feed around 10:30pm, but will not need any additional feeds.

And most improtantly, what has your pediatrician said?


Many families find that when their pediatrician checks in on how their baby is sleeping at some point they also ask about night feeds. When your pediatrician gives you the all clear to night wean, usually around 4ish months, you have the all clear to night wean!

How do you go about night weaning your baby?

Well, there are two options. Remember, your baby must be developmentally ready and or cleared by your pediatrician to night wean. Option one for night weaning is to do it “cold turkey” as they say meaning once you make the decision to night wean, you do it that night and never look back!

Option two for night weaning your baby is to do it gradually. If your baby currently has two feeds (bottle or breastfeeding) eliminate one at a time. And there you have it!

Back to night weaning and sleep training

The reality is that if your baby is ready for sleep training aka sleeping 11-12 uninterrupted hours a night, going in their crib without an hour of song and dance, they will also be night weaned. The exception is a dream feed for a baby who is 4-6 months old, they may still need a feed around 10pm to ensure they are getting what they need.

A dream feed is simple and will be done when your baby is asleep. Pick up baby, nurse or give them the bottle, put them back down, walk out. Yes, it is possible and we do this all the time and help our sleep training clients implement night weaning and or a dream feed if needed.

So while you can continue to feed your baby all night, it’s not sustainable. And if they are developmentally old enough to no longer need night feeds, it makes sleep training that much easier!

For live-in Sleep Training Support, contact Family Bliss!

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