Sleep Tips and Sleep Aids: Swaddles

The first few weeks with a newborn are rough…

We get it. They wake often. Newborn babies do that a lot because they need to stay safe and they often do not sleep long periods of time until they are older and stronger. When babies hit the 3-4 month range they can sleep longer periods of time, but until then, let us share some tips on helping your baby sleep better. When they reach an age where their circadian rhythms are developed, they can be sleep trained if they are not sleeping well on their own. But until then, let’s share one of our sleep tips!

Sleep tips and sleep aids for families: the swaddle

I want to start off by saying that the new Safe Sleep Guidelines by the AAP do not recommend swaddling AFTER 8 weeks! In the first 8 weeks, swaddling can be a fabulous way to help your baby stay calm and feel more secure. Babies can be swaddles on their backs, in a flat surface, safe space.

Swaddling works when babies are over stimulated and tired and need to calm down so they can go to sleep.

Swaddling can be a helpful sleep association for your baby in the first few weeks of life!

Remember though, no swaddling arms in, or arms out with tightness around the body of your baby after 8 weeks!

What is our favorite swaddle?

You can of course swaddle your baby with a swaddle blanket, but you might find that your baby will break loose every hour and need re-swaddled anyways. One of our favorite swaddles for babies under 8 weeks is the Halo Swaddle Sleep Sack because you can swaddle one arm in, both in, one arm up, or however your baby prefers to be swaddled! You can then easily transition your baby to the Halo Sleep Sack wearable blanket!

Every baby likes to be swaddled their own way, try some different options, most babies just need time to adjust!