Sleep Coach vs Sleep Consultant vs Sleep Methods

Sleep Coach vs Sleep Consultant vs Sleep Methods

What is the difference and how to choose what will work best for your family and baby? There are, as I am sure you know, many sleep methods out there, Ferber Method being one of the most popular methods. When you are sleep deprived and struggling to manage during the day, it can be difficult to do the research and pick a method that seems to work best for you and your baby.

Sleep methods

Choosing to get more sleep by picking a sleep method and implementing it can mean spending precious time determining what method will work for you. Cry it out, Ferber Method, Gentle Sleep Solutions, No-Cry sleep solutions, the fading method and the list goes on... and on... Many families find that they jump from one method to the next when one does not work and struggle with added sleep deprivation and frustration. Some babies/infants adjust well to the method you choose and some seem untouched and content to continue with sleepless nights.

Sleep Consultants

Sleep consultants are another option that some families explore as they are looking for sleep solutions for their little ones. Sleep consultants consult on giving you tips and ideas for getting sleep with your little one. They do not usually come into your home or crate a specific plan for your little one.

Sleep Coaches top them all and here is why

Sleep coaches spend time assessing your current situation, where you want to be and come into your home for 48-72 hours and walk away with your little one knowing how to sleep on their own. Sleep training focuses on teaching your little one how to fall asleep on their own, settle on their own and continue to settle on their own. Going through the process is so much easier with an experienced coach, in your home, through every moment, makes all the difference. 

Imagine having someone to walk you through it all, guiding you, supporting you and cheering you on during it all! Life-changing with success at the end! Family Bliss serves families in Northern Virginia, Leesburg, Ashburn, Purcellville, Berryville, Winchester, the Shenandoah Valley and parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania.