Do Sleep Training Books Work?

Do Sleep Training Books work for families looking to Sleep Train??

I’ll give it to you straight, sleep training, which is optimal between 4-7 months, is not always easy and can be difficult for parents because they are already sleep deprived and making rational decisions while sleep deprived is really hard.

Reading about sleep training in books…

Books will tell you about methods, they will tell you a plan of what to do and how to sleep train your baby in a template style, but I am sure you have noticed, that your baby is unique and templates do not account for that.

Reading books about the Ferber Method of sleep training, the BabyWise Method, Sleep Lady Shuffle, No Cry Sleep Solution and so on will absolutely tell you some different ways you can sleep train your baby, but they do not allow for variations when the plan stops working.

Are you sleep deprived?

Is your lack of sleep affecting your day to day life?

Is your lack of sleep affecting your mental health?

Yes? Then consider sleep training as an option for you as a parent to not only improve the life of your child, but your life as well.

Books are great but they dont brain storm with you

When your unique baby needs less or more sleep during the day, how will you navigate that? Well, some babies are pretty text book, so following your chosen plan will work really well for you! Some babies are not so textbook and will be tougher, in that, they need some adjustments made that you dont usually find in sleep training books OR you as a parent just want the value of in-person, in-home sleep training support.

At the end of the day, many families find themselves with “ half sleep trained” babies and if that works for you, great! Our advice to you is if you DO follow a book and choose not to have a sleep coach work with you personally, stick with it, just do it, dont stop and keep on going. You will get there. Your baby will get there. If it’s not working for you to DIY sleep train your baby, give us a call for your complimentary sleep assessment!

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