Why Would I Invest In a Sleep Trainer?

Hiring a Sleep Trainer to help you Sleep Train your infant


For most parents, at some point in their parenting journey, they learn about sleep training, decide it is time for sleep training, or their pediatrician recommends it.

Parents first establish that the sleep their infant is getting is not enough and that they also are warn out and ready for uninterrupted nights, or their bedroom back.

You have decided, for whatever reason, it is time to sleep train your baby

When it is time to sleep train your baby, you have so many options. Methods, books, systems, and now you have to decide what you will pick AND stick with it.

Sleep training is hard

Sticking with it when you are sleep deprived and emotionally invested in your baby can make sleep training difficult for you. You can read all you want, you can talk about it all you want with others, but at the end of the day… What will work for YOUR baby and YOUR family?

You can absolutely do this, we believe in you, but we cannot say it will not be difficult to do alone.

“With Molly, we did the sleep training ourselves with the help of a sleep coach via online and the phone. It worked wonderfully, but I will admit it was emotionally difficult and very exhausting for the first two day (but worth it!). So this time around we decided it was important for our family to invest in hiring someone to come to our house. It’s definitely something that I highly recommend if you’re able to do it. “ Ali Fedotowsky in her blog about sleep training her second baby.

Hiring a personal assistant just for you

Sleep Trainers/Coaches are not personal assistants, but that might be a way to help you understand what having a sleep trainer IN your home for the process is like. Someone to guide you through it, someone who has done this many times before, someone who will support you through the process, and someone who will answer your questions in real time. You can rest easy knowing when you are wanting to give up, you are wondering if this is working, you have someone that says yes, you and your baby can do this!

Sleep training can absolutely be done at home with just you and your partner, but it can also be done with an experienced professional by your side. So many of our families find it much easier the second time around with personalized support!

Investing in Sleep Training Tips?

Start a savings account when they are born, have a grandparent help out, utilize our gift certificate options this way when the time comes, you do not have to hesitate! You know you want to hire a sleep coach, you know you want to invest in quality and you can achieve it as soon as you are ready!