Loudoun County Newborn Sleep Support

Sleep with a baby

What is that? Have you forgotten?

Sleep, the thing most of us love dearly and miss when we become parents. Parenthood, by far one of your most amazing accomplishments! But it is also by far the most exhausting accomplishment you have ever achieved. Really, your baby is waking up every 2-3 hours, STILL, and you wake with them, settle them or bring them into bed, hoping to get a few more hours of sleep before you get up for the day!

You and your partner are both starting to FEEL the exhaustion. You’ve been at this for several months now and while you were able to power through the first 4-5 months, here you are at 6 (or more!) months of poor quality sleep and you still have to power through.

Okay, but everyone says no sleep is normal…

Normal, in this case means common. Most babies are sleep deprived and most parents are sleep deprived, it is “normal”, but it does not mean it is optimal, for anyone. We feel your pain.

Your baby is powering through as well, it is not just exhausting you, but your baby is stuck in this cycle of constant waking. They could use some help to learn how to connect sleep cycles and sleep longer and better.

More sleep for baby is beneficial for brain development, meeting mile stones and family bonding.

More sleep for you as a parent, means more alone time in the evenings, predictability, and better mental and physical health for you!

Making sleep happen

Let’s get down to why you are really here, to know that you are not alone, what you are experiencing is normal, but fixable with some of our tips! That’s right, you can make changes, if and when you are ready.

Getting sleep with a newborn

For the first three to four months of your baby’s life, there can be some major unpredictability. Newborns often sleep shorter chunks in the first two months of life due to their constant food requirements and smaller bellies. After two months, you may begin to see some longer stretches of sleep! When you hit four to six months of age, baby should be sleeping and waking 1-2 times a night or less as they hit six months.

Consistency is key

Keeping things consistent for your newborn and putting them to bed earlier (they are not adults) is so helpful in establishing healthy sleep patterns from the beginning!

You can bring in our highly recommended baby experts from Virginia is for Doulas, Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists to provide overnight care that allows you to optimize your sleep and have breastfeeding support throughout the night.

You can hire a Sleep Training Expert to come into your home as early as three months to create a personalized sleep training plan for you and your baby.

You can stick it out for the next one to two years, but we do not recommend that! We want you to thrive through this whole parenting thing!